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by Roger Fritz, 8-25-17:

When I was in my early twenties I had four out-of-body experiences. I don't know why, and I've never had any more since. In two of them I went to the astral plane, where I found myself flying around in the air above a forest of tall pine trees.

The last out-of-body experience began this way: I was sitting on a couch in the room of a friend of mine. I noticed that I could see a blue glow around the bodies of the other people in the room, about three or four inches thick. Then I had an odd feeling that I was rushing through space at a high speed, though the room looked normal.

Then something happened that I can only describe in metaphors. It was an experience literally beyond words. But to try anyway: it was as though I were an airplane, and I were zooming along through a cloud, surrounded by fog. And then I suddenly burst out of the cloud into light, and found that I hadn't been flying along at a level, but was flying straight up.

I was in light, warm and blissful. I could tell there were people around me, but I couldn't see them. In that light, I knew things without thinking. I didn't have to deduce and reason to reach knowledge. Knowing was as available as breathing.

I came back from that leap into the light with three pieces of information. These are the only things that I actually feel like I know for sure in this life. Everything else I "know" is a theory, a deduction, something that might be true. For me, these three things are true.

The first thing is that we're all immortal. By "we" I mean people. I don't know about animals and rocks and trees. But all us people will live forever. Not in these bodies, of course. Bodies die. But whoever it is that we really are inside these bodies, that entity lives forever.

The second thing I know is that this world is not our home, but there is a place that is.

And the third thing is that we all make it home. I don't know how long it'll take us to get there, and some take longer than others. But we all get there eventually.

I came back from this out-of-body experience, and like the others I'd had, the afterglow lasted for days. I felt constantly in a state of bliss. Then it faded, and I was back into ordinary daily life.