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Sometimes my clients say the most amazing things in session. They're so wonderful I write some of them on a big piece of white cardboard on my wall. Here they are, in no particular order.

Science is not a belief system.
I don't like the truth.
I've got peanut butter in my britches.
I kissed the prince, and he turned into a frog.
Tax cuts for the dark side....
I want meaning for the suffering.
I reject your reality, and replace it with my own.
People who won't treat you unfairly themselves will still watch you treat yourself unfairly and not stop you.
There is a thin line between control and destoy.
The secret of life is self care.
When I said I lied, I was lying.
The thing to be afraid of the most is doing nothing.
Don't lose hope. Death is coming.
God's accessible, but doesn't fix things for me.
She held out her finger, and I wrapped myself around it.
I won't be blind, but I won't have my rose-colored glasses either.
Every curse is also a blessing.
The right descision is often unpopular, but the reverse isn't true.
I was looking for a way out, rather than making a way out.
Puritans came to America so they'd have the freedom to oppress others.
"It'll get worse before it gets worse." Lily Tomlin
Time to get funny.
Allowing your past experience to predetermine your future is to alleviate yourself of all choice.
Now that I know there are rules, they make no sense.
Everyone dies. Not everyone lives.
The meaning of life is getting your needs met.
Life begins outside your comfort zone.
The secret of taking action is getting organized.
I was raised to believe the Lutherans are going to hell.
The world is a marblecake of good and evil.
I didn't know life is a bundle of strategies.
I'm a sheep in wolf's clothing.
I don't like you right now.
Everyone dies. Not everyone lives.
There's a thin line between control and destroy.
The final humiliation is that surrender doesn't work.
I have high standards about who I sleep with. I only break them if the opportunity arises.
Wisdom is a bitter pie.
God's thumbprint is our soul.
Life is a battle to the death.
I'm not saying money is everything, but....
Self care starts tomorrow....
Feeling the workings of the universe is heaven.
I knew it'd be scary to be real, but I didn't know it'd be fun.
All I need is enough.
You can't feel prevention.
I'm having a battle with God, and He's winning.
Better the devil you know than the angel you don't.
The secret of life is lowering your standards.
No one can climb higher than the top of the mountain.
I was fine till I found out I have needs.
God just shakes the snow globe.
I'll just leave by the window.
The grass on the other side of the fence is brown.
I'm doing everything wrong and feeling better.
I'm afraid of everything but death and hard work.
I've gone from being a warrior to feeling like one.
The road to hell is endless.
Perfectionists make perfect warriors.
Guilt is the road to hell.
I'm afraid of intimacy, and also of being alone.
Life is longer than it looks.
The only path is not clinging.
How do you trouble-shoot happiness?
I blame it all on art school.
Rebellion in prison is to be a model prisoner.
The greatest gift is full and constant support.
The way is mysterious and ever-changing.
A wish is not a plan.
Now that I'm happy I fear loss.
I go through changes with my fists up.
Holding even is slow failure.
What kills me makes me stronger.
We have to build faster than we destroy.
If a plan isn't practical, it's useless.
God doesn't need my help.
I wish God would let us fly.