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edited by Roger Fritz, 8-25-17


In the seventies I started having precognitive dreams, and I've had them ever since. The farthest ahead I've seen my future is 13 years. This makes me suspect my life is laid out ahead of time before I'm born like rails for a train to run on.

So here's the question. Who laid it out? If it was me, what was I thinking? If it wasn't me, who was it? And what were they thinking?

Since my belief system is somewhere between buddhism and paganism, I naturally plunged into the theosophical literature, which happens to be available free online.

The short answer is this. It wasn't me. It was a class of angels called the Lipika. These are the same people who keep the Akashic Records. They used a portion of my stored karma that was ripe to fashion a thought form who guides my life.

And what were they thinking? They want me to have all the joy I can, "commensurate with the ultimate goal of returning the embodied soul to unending perfect bliss." They want me to have opportunities to strengthen myself in the areas I'm weakest in. In other words, they're the source of the warrior training we all get in life. Well, I knew it had to come from somewhere...


WOK = The Working Out Of Karma,
TMB = The Mental Body, by A. E. Powell
TCB = The Causal Body, by A. E. Powell
DAA = Death- and After, by Annie Besant
TDP = The Devachanic Plane, by C. W. Leadbeater.
These books are available free on the Canadian Theosophical website or by googling PDF book-title author-name.


When the Soul has lived out its [mental plane] Devachanic life, and has assimilated all that it can of the material gathered during its last period on earth, it begins to be drawn again towards earth by the links of Desire that bind it to material existence.

[The causal body (the abstract mind) comes down to the mental plane where it adds on a concrete mind.] Passing on to the astral plane on its earthward journey, it clothes itself anew in a Body of Desire [an astral body], the first result of the workings out of its past Karma.

Then the Ego stands in the karmic vesture he has prepared for himself, ready to receive from the hands of the agents of the Great Lords of Karma the etheric double built for him according to the elements he has himself provided, after which shall be shaped his physical body. (WOK7)

Mighty Spiritual Intelligences are spoken of as the Lipika and the Four Maharajahs. The Lipika are an angelic order connected with the records of our world, the direct Recorders of karma. They keep the Astral Records, filled with Akashic Images. They are connected with the destiny of every man, and the birth of every child. (WOK7)

The parabda karma of an individual divides itself into two parts. That which is to express itself in the physical body is made by the Devarajas into the elemental which builds the body, as described in the Etheric Double , Chapter XV. The other far larger block, which is to indicate his fate through life, the good or evil fortune which is to come to him, is made into another thought–form which does not descend. Hovering over the embryo, it remains upon the mental plane. From that level it broods over the man, and takes or makes opportunities, to discharge itself by sections, sending down from itself a flash like lightening. (TCB107)

It seems probable that, in the majority of cases, the exact time and manner of a man's death are not decided before or at his birth. These are left open for later decision, depending largely upon the modifications introduced by the action of the man, during his life, and by the use which he makes of his opportunities. (TCB108)

The Lipika give the mould of the Etheric Double to The Four Maharajahs, who are the protectors of mankind and also the agents of Karma on Earth.

Receiving the mould from the Lipika, the Maharajahs choose for the composition of the etheric double the elements suited to the qualities that are to be expressed through it, and this etheric double thus becomes a fitting karmic instrument for the Ego, giving it alike the basis for expression of the faculties it has evolved, and the limitations imposed upon it by its own past failures and wasted opportunities. This mould is guided by the Maharajahs to the country, the race, the family, the social surroundings, which afford the most suitable field for the working out of the Karma allotted to the particular life-span. (WOK7)

The actions of the Lipika although governed strictly by cosmic consciousness are nevertheless rigidly automatic, for their work is as automatic as is the action of karma itself. (WOK7)

Service rendered to the full measure of opportunity in one life will produce, as effect, enlarged opportunities of service in another; thus one who in a very limited sphere helped each who came in the way, would in a future life be born into a position where openings for giving effective help were many and far-reaching.

Again, wasted opportunities re-appear transmuted as limitations of the instrument, and as misfortunes in the environment. For instance, the brain of the etheric double will be built defectively, thus bringing about a defective physical brain; the Ego will plan, but will find itself lacking in executive ability, or will grasp an idea, but be unable to impress it distinctly on the brain. The wasted opportunities are transformed into frustrated longings, into desires which fail to find expression, into yearnings to help blocked by the absence of power to render it, whether from defective capacity or from lack of occasion.

This same principle is often at work in the cutting away from tender care of some well-loved child or idolized youth. If an Ego treats unkindly or neglects one to whom he owes affectionate duty and protection, or service of any kind, he will but too likely again find himself born in close relationship with the neglected one, and perhaps tenderly attached to him, only for early death to snatch him away from the encircling arms.

The despised poor relation may re-appear as the much-honoured heir, the only son, and when the parents find their house left unto them desolate, they marvel at the unequal ways of Providence that deprive them of their only one, on whom all their hopes have been set, and leave untouched the many children of their neighbour. Yet are the ways of Karma equal, though past finding out, save for those whose eyes have been opened. Congenital defects result from a defective etheric double, and are life-long penalties for serious rebellions against law, or for injuries inflicted upon others. All such arise from the working of the Lords of Karma, and are the physical manifestation of the deformities necessitated by the errors of the Ego, by his excesses and by defects in the mould of the etheric double made by Them.

The development of artistic faculties — to take another type of quality — will be answered by the Lords of Karma by the provision of a mould for the etheric double after which a delicate nervous system can be physically built, and often by the guiding of it to a family in whose members the special faculty developed by the Ego has found expression, sometimes for many generations. For the expression of such a faculty as that of music, for instance, a peculiar physical body is needed, a delicacy of physical ear and of physical touch, and to such delicacy an appropriate physical heredity would be most conducive. (WOK7)

So much then of the total Karma as can be arranged for in one life-period, has a suitable etheric double provided for it, the mould of that double being guided to a suitable field. It is placed where the Ego may come into relations with some of such Egos, with whom it has been related in its past, as are present in, or are coming into, incarnation during its own life-period. (WOK7)