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Jean Englund and I facilitate ongoing growth and support groups. We also offer daylong and weekend seminars. Some of the titles of upcoming magical events are:
Through the Looking Glass,
Aging Gracefully,
Natural Power,
Claiming the Joy of Life, and
Healing Early Trauma.

WHAT HAPPENS IN GROUP: We meet once a week and talk. We share information and emotional support. We ask questions to help clarify. Perhaps your needs aren't getting met. Perhaps you need to heal from the past. Perhaps self-care or self-defense skills or negotiation skills would help. If you're a couple perhaps you need to build safety, or deal with agreements and expectations. The group's job is to support your understanding and growth. There's something magical about group....
WHAT HAPPENS IN A SEMINAR: We meet for a day or a weekend and share a magical event. We support each other in learning new tools, and in healing and growing....
WHO I AM: My name is Roger Fritz, MS. I've been a counselor off and on for 25 years. I'm 59 years old, and I've been around the block a few times. I grew up in Wyoming and Afghanistan, was a hippie, a clerk in the Vietnam War, married, divorced, was a chiropractor for 10 years, and had a son before going back to PSU to get my masters in counseling. Since then I've had a private practice. I've led groups since the 80s.
WHERE GROUP MEETS: The groups and seminars meet in a houseboat on Hayden Island.
HOW LONG A GROUP IS: It's usually 2 hours, sometimes two and a half. There's often a ten minute break in the middle.
HOW MUCH GROUP COSTS: The introductory session with Roger and Jean to find out if this might be for you is free. After that group costs $10.
HOW MUCH SEMINARS COST: The introductory session is free. After that the costs are different for different seminars.
HOW TO CONTACT US: My email is invisiblecows@juno.com, and my phone is 503-234-0640. Feel free to call or email with questions, or to make an appointment to get together.
DID YOU GET YOUR LIFE MANUAL? You didn't? Here's a free online book that tells you the skills you need to be happy, and have good relationships, too. Click here.

Welcome to life....

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