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Orgasmic Trance

"Brian and I had many mystical sexual experiences. We would breathe together, and this hypnotic feeling of expansion would happen. It felt like pure life force, very powerful. We weren't trying to make it happen, it just did." Irene, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 95

"We were always making love, all the time. Several times a day, sometimes.... Everything was opening and undulating. The sensations were intensely voluptuous, with full-body orgasms, accompanied by a cosmic sense of universal love." Theresa, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 159

"With one of my lovers I discovered an orgasmic state that just didn't end. It's not really an orgasm as much as a frequency level. Once you are in it, you just ride the wave and it does not have to stop." Mercedes, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 44

"There is a unitive energy where the two truly become one. And once in awhile you transcend even that, and you become one with the universe. At times I have experienced that. It's like a great light, but that doesn't exactly describe it either. You can't force it, but you can open to it and be receptive. Then you feel yourself becoming one with your partner, and that is just the doorway you pass through into something beyond, something transcendent." Roseanne, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 40

"When we made love I would experience my body dissolving, and there would just be flowers, thousands of flowers. Sometimes we seemed to be under the ocean, swimming like fishes. Everything would drop away except this consciousness of unfolding and melting and dissolving and flowing." Hannah, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 81

"For me, the most ecstatic, expanded sexual experiences have always come out of meditating together and invoking the higher energies.... When that ecstatic energy is present, I disappear into it, and I move beyond gender and beyond my body. The ecstasy is so powerful that sometimes I think I am going to break. My body can't contain it, and it dissolves. I become the fire, the light. This kind of love-making leaves me with a lasting high, not merely energized or relaxed." Anya, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 43

"The other person acts as a conduit for the experience, but then your lover just disappears. My lover disappeared hundreds of times, and I was just with the light. I knew he was in his own transcendental experience. I can take myself to bliss with meditation too. It's a different way of getting there, but I go to the same place." Theresa, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 160

"I think of myself as a horizontal mystic. I lie under trees and look up at the light filtering down and I go into ecstasy. Every morning in bed, I do a healing meditation in which I put my hands on my body and breathe. A kind of force field appears, which gets more and more intense. It brings me a great sense of bliss and often leads to a diffuse gentle orgasm. With a minimum of genital stimulation I can open into waves of orgasm. When my husband is around, I often call him to bed because I get so turned on. It's wonderful to know I can turn on in this way, without a partner. I can come home to myself in the universe whenever I want to." Iris, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 203

"I would lie in the tiny cot nuns have... I would lie there perfectly still. It was important to go so still I could barely feel my heartbeat. Then I would call god, and I would make love with him. Whenever I called god, he always came. It would be a merging in the light. I would feel waves and undulations and intense palpitations in my heart. I would have heart orgasms. I never thought about genital sex, because I was perfectly satisfied." Theresa, Aphrodite's Daughters, p 152

"I take dips into bliss every day. I call it my lay-down-and-soak-in-God time." a client, October 2005

Here's a version of Orgasmic Trance you can download:

Download 24_3-Orgasmic_Trance.rtf